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Sometimes you have a waitlist because they don't have endles amounts of crypto to hand out. But once you're in (I checked it every day) you just watch a short movie about the cryptocurrancy and answer some easy questions about it. If you did well you earn a couple of dollars worth in the currancy you learned about. It could be $20 or more at the same time. Good luck with that waitlist!

Get paid passively. $400 per year to start off with + $100 per referral. Just to use Google. Get in BEFORE launch in october 2021!

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The only thing you need to do is: install and let it run. It will only use the network you are not using at the time and you will get money from it. It's not that much but every cent counts to me. AND YOU DON'T HAVE TO DO ANYTHING FOR IT. AND you have a daily honeyjar you can open and get extra bonus credit! 

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Don't use it if you have limited internet access. 

An other way is:

You just sign up with the button above and you will be able to earn coins with rolling the faucet. One up to 24 times a day (depending on your location). 

You are also able to click advertisements for rewards, play games and so much more. If you do those and go to the chat you can see weather you can get a part of the raindrop (a bonus where you get a piece of).

Do you want a lot of satoshis to do very little, this is one of my favorites! Very easy to use, pretty fast payouts and multiple payout options!

If you keep an eye out for it during the day, you easily get 100+ satoshis for about 10 - 15 minutes of adclicks. Easy, fast and they pay out! 

If you want to mine your own bitcoin:

Just sign in, go to the tab "Miner" and let it run. That's it! How much you earn depends on your computerspeed and what the current rate is for bitcoin. You can use that to earn some profits on the Bitcoin!

If you use the button above, you will get a $3,00 BONUS for free!

If you want to click some ads for Bitcoin, Ethereum, ... (many options)

Just sign in and watch ads (View ads) or do things from the offerwall (Offers) and you will earn.  There also is a faucet (you can choose from 6 different crypto and you have 3 per day to choose from those!!).

Another faucet with PTC (paid to click) that is great is this one:

You just do adclicks to earn dutchy and then you can use the faucet. They pay out on Faucetpay, Expresscrypto or in your balance. Easy to do, easy to use and it pays out!

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