Make easy money with this list. 

Get some referrals(*) and earn even more!

Roll faucets and earn with PTC (Paid To Click)

(*) Your sponsor or referrer gets a bit of money when you join their team. The website 'rewards' the sponsor to let people join IF they earn themselves. This does NOT mean you earn less. It means you BOTH benefit (just helping to get a misunderstanding out of the world). 

The easiest way to earn some extra money is Every hour you can roll the faucet. You obviously earn Bitcoin. Every day you get an email that gives you a spin on the wheel of fortune and win up to $15.000 worth. There are other options like betting, investing in FUN tokens (that will give you interest and extra spins on the wheel of fortune) and so on. 

There is nothing to lose: it is 100% FREE! Join with the button to the right...

This is a great crypto wallet. The AMAZING thing about it is: in some countries you can EARN crypto by answering a few easy questions about short lessons. I have earned $64 with it. Also great: you can withdraw your crypto (and also the earnings) to your PayPal after converting it to a PayPal supported currency. 

It may cost some money to withdraw your earnings from sites to this wallet but if you have earned a couple of dollars and want to get it into your PayPal, it is for me the BEST option!

This also is 100% FREE!

One of the best PTC + faucets is Cointiply. It is very easy to use. 

You can also do offers.

If you are active every day, you get bonusses from the faucet! 

You can withdraw directly to your DOGE, Dashcoin, and Litecoin wallet when you have at least 30,000 coins. 

You can withdraw directly to your Bitcoin wallet when you have at least 50,000 coins. 

This also is 100% FREE!

Another PTC website that I really like and pays out well is Adbtc. It pays in Bitcoin and Russian Ruble. I personally use the Russian Ruble to advertise with (always handy to get referrals on other websites).  

Withdraw to any Bitcoin address - 50000 Satoshis, to FaucetPay and ExpressCrypto - 1000 Satoshis.

This also is 100% FREE!

This website is a PTC one where you earn Dutchy. That Dutchy you can use to let the autofaucet roll. The payout can go to Faucetpay (see below or click here) or Expresscrypto (click here). 

This also is 100% FREE!

There also is a payment website where you can do PTC aswell, Faucetpay. If you have 5 withdrawals from (for example) Adbtc, Autofaucet or other websites, the PTC is open. 

Easy and it gives a lot of free (and cheap) wallets for crypto. 

This also is 100% FREE!

Who doesn't want to earn while they do NOTHING for it? Here is an option! Just create an account, download the app and start earning. 

It ony uses your unused internet. It actually buys your marketing info (not your private info), just like Google uses it to show you ads personalised to you. They don't pay you for that... DON'T put it in your device if you don't have an (nearly) unlimited plan for your internet. But it is a great way to earn some extra cash without doing anything for it!

Don't forget to daily log in and get a bonus opening the honey jar!

This also is 100% FREE!

This one is a bit like adbtc so if you like that one, you will like this one too! 

Just daily do the PTC, video ads, window ads and choose 3 faucets daily to claim extra!

Get paid to your faucetpay pretty fast! There also are other payment options, just check the website and you find them all very easy. 

This also is 100% FREE!

One of my favorites who has so many options to earn is Timebucks. I don't do a lot on there but I still earn pretty decently. For me the push clicks, timebucks ticket generator; daily poll and PTC is enough. I have done some tasks and it all works pretty good. You can earn a lot every day if you do the tasks and pick up some surveys. Get started with the button to the right!

This also is 100% FREE!

This one is very NEW. It will get you $25 per month just to install the app. Also very passive! It is a bit like honeygain but it ONLY uses your marketing info. So it WON'T KEEP ANY PERSONAL info, only the things you - and all other users - are interested in! Great to get paid for that right?! 

Sign up now and start earning the moment the app lauches! 

This also is 100% FREE! (if you want to become an affiliate, it will cost you a bit but get in before launch and get a HUGE discount! + many bonusses!) 

This also is a NEW opportunity! Get paid to use Google - it will at least pay you $401,50 every year! Don't forget to get some referrals, they will provide you with an additional $100 per person! There are many opportunities to get extra's (like a $0,50 per day bonus if you take 1 minute out of your day to verify), join, learn and get started!

What do you have to do? Just join (with the button to the right), install the extension into your browser, log in daily to verify, weekly approve your earnings and you are set to earn $584 per year. If you have some referrals it will rise fast!

This also is 100% FREE! 

This one is very promising! If you want to earn passively, join iHub, reserve your miner (for FREE) and start networking. The mining earnings are somewhere between $200 and $500 depending on how many hours a day you keep it mining but the passive - from referrals - abilities are indefinite! Sign up with the button to the right, get all the info and get started. 

This also is 100% FREE!

If you want FREE traffic and so FREE referrals: get your link(s) up in the FREE traffic section (click here) there is A LOT OF TRAFFIC!

I will add more when I find some more that pay out and work well! Keep an eye on this page to get more options to earn for free! 

You reached the end of the list (for now: there is more to come!). Do you want to know how to make those dollars you earned into hundreds or thousands?

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